Paver Cleaning and Restoration
When properly installed, interlocking concrete pavements have very low maintenance and provide an attractive surface for decades. Foot, vehicular traffic and the surrounding elements cause interlocking concrete pavers to become exposed to soil, stains and wear. This is common to all forms of pavement. SLS Landscaping, Inc. offers a comprehensive program to insure the beauty of interlocking concrete pavements by restoring them to their original appearance.

Our Paver Cleaning and Restoration Service Includes:

  • Repair and adjustments to pavers that may have shifted or settled.
  • Cleaning to remove algae, soil & stains from the surface of the pavers, walls and steps.
  • Removing sand, soil and moss to the proper depth of the paver joint without compromising the base structure
  • Sealing the paver surface and paver joints.