synthetic-turfAdvantages of Synthetic Turf

Today’s synthetic turf offers a great alternative to real lawns. These pervious “next generation” synthetic or artificial grasses are virtually indistinguishable from real grass and are regarded as being as safe to play on as a typical grass surface.
Advantages of synthetic turf are its lower maintenance cost as compared to natural grass. While synthetic turf is not maintenance free, it requires much less care than is required to keep natural grass in optimum condition along with saving time and water. Synthetic turf eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides, thereby reducing the amount of pollutants reaching our waterways. Grass mowing is eliminated reducing air and noise pollution. Perhaps the most attractive characteristic of synthetic turf is that it can be used day-in and day-out without excessive wear, especially in high traffic areas and in play areas such as playgrounds, putting greens, and lawns for play.

Choosing The Right Synthetic Turf for Putting Greens & Lawns

One of the most important questions about synthetic turf for putting greens and lawns is: Which surface is the best to use for a backyard putting green or lawn? The choice is a lot easier than you think. We will explore both surfaces to give you a clear understanding of which of the surfaces will work best for you and ensure a seamless installation.